Saturday, 24 May 2014

Hi everyone, 

So I haven't been on here for a while, to be honest, blogs have always kind of baffled me but hey, all you need is a bestie that is part of that world, hence my blog being amongst her other fabulous ones. 

So since I last wrote, I was doing lots of different patterns and was selling some which is fantastic! (only £1 on my etsy shop) click for more info

but amongst all my designing I also love to have projects of my own, so as I was planning my next project I was starting to think, I'm not sure where all of these will go. Then I thought, it would be nice to have a stash of cards in the cupboard for other people. This then grew into a thought of perhaps having gift tags as they were unique and cute, and to be honest, I got addicted

I have loved making a variety of different ones and made some for my loved ones such as mum for Mother's Day, Boyfriend's Birthday and also a cute little tag with owls on "congratulations" for a gorgeous couple who recently got engaged. 

Now at an age which is so exciting with weddings, babies and lots of fun things to go to I am loving getting that little buzz of excitement making something that will make someone smile and feel special. 

So this weekend, I am making some more and I would love some new ideas/ your view on whether you would like one or if there is anything I could make specifically for you or someone you love; whether it be name, birthday number or a little stitched message such as "Congratulations!"

Amongst my Sex and the City watching which I have become obsessed with and I am nearly at the end which makes me sad. 

So what are you up to this weekend? What stitching projects do you have going on? 

Thanks for reading and check out my instagram @in_stitches_x which has all my recent stitches on (mostly gift tags now) but with a sprinkling of designed patterns.

I take any custom orders too, please just email me

Have a fantastic long weekend peeps. 

Louise x <3 x

Monday, 7 April 2014

Tea Designs



Afternoon stitchers!

I've recently been working on different series of designs and being fabulously british, I thought tea seemed an obvious choice. These are easy to do and were a lot of fun to make. If you wanted to have a go at doing them yourself, pop on over to my etsy shop  and you can purchase a design for just a £1! If you like the design but wanted something a little extra added then I am always happy to do a custom design for you, either message me on etsy or leave a comment below and I'm happy to discuss exactly what you need and want!


Who Am I?

Hello I'm Louise and welcome to my cross-stitch blog!

I'm 25years old and an avid stitcher, knitter and general craft machine. 

This blog will be my platform to show off my designs and other pretty things that I've recently put together!

All designs belong are designed and owned by me unless otherwise noted. 

Thank you for visiting and if you like the look of something and think you'd fancy a go, pop over to my etsy shop (link below) to purchase!